Restoring American Heritage

Preserving American Catholic cultural
artifacts and monuments for future generations

Restoration Team

Marble American Bald Eagle

The Kohler Foundation specializes in project management and philanthropy, with years of experience restoring and preserving important cultural monuments across the USA.

HRD Employee Decorating a column

Heritage Restoration and Design is a family owned and operated restoration corporation, based in the Midwest, with generations of restoration experience.

Chapel at the Grotto

The Dickeyville Grotto is staffed by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring team, focused on the preservation and maintenance of these historic monuments.

Cement and  Glass Pedestal for a Marble Statue
For the sake of future generations

The Need for Preservation

These beautiful and culturally important monuments showcase a unique insight into the history of America in the 1920s. The monuments also tell a wonderful story packed with religious and patriotic significance. All of this is conveyed through the medium of glass and stone.

About the Grotto’s Restoration

So, how do you go about restoring a 1920s grotto of this scale?

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